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STAFF 1980-1989

Commander 439th TAW
Brig. Gen Donald Haugen
Brig. Gen. Jack Ferguson
Col. Louis Paskevicz
Col. Frederick D Walker

Base Commander
Col. J Frank Moore
Lt. Col. James Handy
Lt. Col. Thomas Hargis

Base Public Affairs Officer
Miss Betty O'Connell
Capt. Kevin Wentworth
Capt. Philip Weber
Dr. Frank Faulkner
Nora MacKay

Wing Public Affairs Officers
Maj. Rudolf DiLuzio
Maj. Richard Dyer
Capt. David Keefe

Editor - NCOIC
MSgt. Lawrence Lentz
TSgt. Gordon A Newell
TSgt. Tom Allocco
SSgt. Wesley Allen
Maris Bull
MSgt. John Wallace Spencer
TSgt. Sandra Michon
SSgt. Patricia Rathay
Ms. Monica Lindberg

Maj. Robert Carroll
TSgt. Alan Sorenson
SSgt. Peter Maille
SSgt. Kathy Lincoln
Sgt. Alan Duffy
SrA. Mary Borelli
A1C. Paul Graveline
Kevin Barrett
TSgt. Marshall Hathaway
TSgt. John Spencer
SSgt. Deborah Elliot
SSgt. Glen Bogart
SrA. Sandra Bartosz
SrA. Matt Proietti
A1C Christine Mora
Nora MacKay
TSgt. Dean Mauro
SSgt. Paul Lemay
SSgt Carmen Burgos
Sgt. Vincent Blanchard
SrA. Donna Stewart
SrA. Kelly Jamieson
A1C Kym Saganski
Ms. Jo Pothoff

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