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Fur Rondy 2018
477 FG members participate in the annual Fur Rondy 2018, Anchorage, AK. Fur Rondy is one of the biggest events Alaska has each year with a Parade, Fair [in the snow], Dog Races and so much more. It's a great time for the 477 FG to be involved in the community. Thank you, to the Recruiters and all the Volunteers of the 477FG that made Fur Rondy a great event.
Armed Services YMCA of Alaska 41st Annual Salute to the Military.[Congratulations to SrA Darby Dervin from the 477 FG.]
Armed Services YMCA of Alaska 41st Annual Salute to the Military.
President's Day, Feb. 19.
IRON DOG, 2018 at Big Lake with 477FG members and Air Force Reserve recruiting.
Thank you to all the 477 members and volunteers for making [ALASKA'S OWN, IRON DOG, 2018] a great weekend at Big Lake.
477th Fighter Group members, get ready for the 2017 Annual Awards Banquet Saturday, Mar. 03, 2018.
Feb. 16, Arctic Warrior issue keeping you up to date on JBER community.
SMILE EVENTS! -- Buy a drink Sept. 24 at the Grind; get one free on your next visit! -- Receive 50 percent off on… https://t.co/b7JkSkAMwa
More coverage of Maj. Gen. Randall Ogden, commander of 4th Air Force, and 4th AF Command Chief Master Sgt. Timothy… https://t.co/35smbuuv0u
#WelcomeHome 🏡 — We welcomed home our final C-5M Super Galaxy today piloted by the commander of the 4th Air Force M… https://t.co/yS9XBCNBik
More glimpses of today’s historic event, which brought the eighth and final C-5M back home to the 439th Airlift Win… https://t.co/YrTs8dbaDY
EOD will be conducting explosives training on base until approximately 5 p.m.
Reminder on tomorrow’s event at the bowling center! https://t.co/GTvKWajz5Q
SMILES FOR STRIKES AND SPARES. Bowl a strike or spare at the Westover Bowling Center Sept. 21 and be entered into a… https://t.co/EF7h0U2lqP
SMILE! Come in for a $5 lunch at the Westover Club on Thursday Sept. 20! For more information, call the club at 413… https://t.co/xIOhgZQcZs
EOD will be conducting explosives training on base until approximately 9:30AM.
Airman and Family Readiness Center newsletter! https://t.co/Vu6JwXT8YQ
Our busy September unit training assembly included lunch time and a local observance to Suicide Prevention Month —… https://t.co/CqXhLUmKGw
Westover hosted a Natural Disaster Medical System exercise on base today. The exercise tested procedures to receive… https://t.co/jnXmEv0ANk
Tonight’s UTA update: The Westover Club is hosting a GAMES NIGHT beginning at 3 pm. This event is for 18 years old… https://t.co/tRUPA0LRva
Airmen from the 439th Airlift Wing kicked off the largest wing generated exercise in AFRC this morning.
Westover’s EOD unit will be conducting explosives training on base until 6PM
As part of Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month, the Westover Club featured salsa dancing Sept. 14. (U.S. Air Force ph… https://t.co/R8Iyl77FV1