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Every Vote Counts picWestover Air Force Reserve Base Voter Assistance Office is here to help you exercise the very right you protect--your right to vote! We can help you register to vote, request an absentee ballot and notify your local election officials back home of a change of address. The information below is provided for you as you get ready to transition and are thinking of what you must do before and after you make that change in assignment or go on your deployment or separate/retire.

Federal Post Card Application (FPCA): The FPCA can be used to register to vote while simultaneously requesting an absentee ballot. It can also be used to submit a change of address to your local election officials. You can now go online to https://www.fvap.gov/r3/fpca/home and use the FPCA Wizard that will help you register, request your absentee ballot and/or change your address while providing you with all of your state-specific information and requirements to vote!

Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB): The FWAB can be used as a backup in case you have already registered to vote or sent in an FPCA to both register and request your absentee ballot, but you have not yet received your absentee ballot from your State. Like the FPCA, you can go online to fill in the FWAB at https://www.fvap.gov/r3/fwab/home and use the FWAB Wizard that will help you to vote in Federal elections, even filling in your candidate choices based on your State of residence!
The FPCA and FWAB Wizards will provide you with a filled in form. All you have to do is print, sign and date it, and return it to your election official via the directions provided (some States allow you to fax, and/or e-mail your signed form if you "PDF" and scan it to your computer).

National Mail Voter Registration Form (NVRF): If you are separating/retiring, you'll need to advise your local election official (LEO) that you will no longer be considered a military voter. The NVRF can then be used to notify your LEO of your address change.
Your Voter Assistance Office can help you fill in and mail off your voting materials if you need the assistance. Please call 413-557-3169.

You can also contact your Unit Voting Assistance Officer (UVAO) for assistance.

For more information, you may also visit the federal website at http://www.FVAP.gov.

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Westover's Great New England Air and Space Show awaits the arrival of the Fast Trax parachuting team seen here this past weekend as it descends with a giant American flag. (Courtesy photo)
Wing staff wishes Col. D. Scott Durham, 439th Airlift Wing commander, a happy 50th birthday July 17. Assisting with cutting the cake is Kristine Seney, wing executive officer. (U.S. Force photo/Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Biscoe)
This is a compilation of coverage from the staff of Air Force reservists assigned to the public affairs office which covered this major event, beginning with the arrival of the Thunderbirds on July 12, to the very last day of the air show, July 15. More photos soon! Many thanks to our two PA Airmen from the Air National Guard who helped out -- Senior Airman Sadie Hewes and A1C Randall Burlingame! Joint-service spirit! Air Force Reserve Galaxy Community Council #ReserveCitizenAirmen
Can you find yourself in these crowd shots from the Westover Air Traffic Control Tower on Sat., July 14 at The Great New England Airshow? (U.S. Air Force photos/W.C. Pope) Galaxy Community Council Chicopee, Massachusetts
USAF F-16 Thunderbirds FOD walk! (U.S.Air Force photo/W.C.Pope) The Great New England Airshow Galaxy Community Council Chicopee Chamber of Commerce Chicopee, Massachusetts
So what was your favorite aircraft this year at The Great New England Airshow? (U.S. Air Force photos/W.C. Pope) Galaxy Community Council USAF F-16 Thunderbirds Chicopee Police Department
Not only can a C-5M carry a huge payload around the world at a moments notice but can also provide a lot of shade at The Great New England Airshow this last weekend. (U.S.Air Force photo/W.C.Pope) Galaxy Community Council Chicopee, Massachusetts Air Force Reserve United States Air Force Dover Air Force Base, Delaware
Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2018 Great New England Air and Space Show this weekend! It was truly a privilege to have everyone on base to showcase Air Force capabilities and highlight our Reserve Citizen Airmen! U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds US Army Golden Knights #airforcereserve #airforce #airshow #reservecitizenairmen
"Mass Appeal," a local TV talk show, broadcasted live from Westover following the July 13 Great New England Air and Space Show kickoff breakfast. Pictured from left are Lauren Zenzie, "Mass Appeal" host; Maj. Susan McSpadden, 337th Airlift Squadron; and retired Air Force Col. Cady Coleman, a former astronaut. Zenzie interviewed McSpadden, a C-5 aircraft commander and air show ramp director. Coleman, a 1991 University of Massachusetts at Amherst graduate, was the guest speaker at the breakfast, and was also interviewed. Many more photos and videos of the breakfast and show will be posted soon! (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Biscoe) Air Force Reserve #ReserveCitizenAirmen WWLP-22News
The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds perform at Westover Air Reserve Base, July 14, 2018, during the Great New England Air and Space Show. More than 63,000 people visited the base for the two-day show, which wrapped up July 15. Look for more coverage soon on this major and historic event. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Biscoe)
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds humor, Air Force Reserve from W.c. Pope, cartoon #779. (U.S. Air Force cartoon/W.C.Pope)
US Army Golden Knights drop in on The Great New England Airshow. (U.S. Air Force video/W.C. Pope) Galaxy Community Council U.S. Army Chicopee, Massachusetts
The CV-22 Osprey landing behind the USAF F-16 Thunderbirds before the @The Great New England Airshow. (U.S. Air Force video/W.C. Pope) Galaxy Community Council City of Chicopee - Mayor's Office
USAF F-16 Thunderbirds pass by the Westover ARB Air Traffic Control Tower on Thursday before The Great New England Airshow. (U.S. Air Force video/W.C.Pope)
The Springfield Thunderbirds dedicate a jersey to the fallen USAF F-16 Thunderbirds pilot Major Stephen Del Bagno at The Great New England Airshow. Galaxy Community Council (U.S. Air Force video/W.C. Pope)
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds take-off at The Great New England Airshow. Galaxy Community Council (U.S. Air Force video/W.C.Pope)
What it looked like upfront and center with the USAF F-16 Thunderbirds at The Great New England Airshow on July 15, 2018. (U.S. Air Force video/W.C. Pope)
Big thank you to the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds for coming out to the Air Show this past weekend! We hope everyone had a great time! #airshow #thunderbirds #flyfightwin #aimhigh
Wear hearing protection at the airshow, reporter A1C Randy Burlingame, 104th Fighter Wing Public Affairs.
The 2018 annual children's holiday party hosted by the Airman and Family Readiness Center took place today in the Base Hangar!
EOD will be conducting explosives training until approximately 3PM
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Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Biscoe will be leaving us at the end of the month to work at AFRC Public Affairs. Leave a… https://t.co/efNTl0cmxu
Throwback Thursday! Recognize anyone from 2011? (pope)
Throwback Thursday. Who remembers this from 1991? (pope)
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Christmas spirit at Westover’s Airman and Family Readiness Center! https://t.co/0XfvqHWmkI
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