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How do I obtain information regarding air shows at Westover?

The next Westover Air Show is scheduled tentatively for 2023. More information can be found at www.greatnewenglandairshow.com

What does the Airman & Family Readiness do?

To speak to someone at our Airman & Family Readiness please call 413-557-3025.

The Airman & Family Readiness Center is the service organization and focal point for Air Force family matters. Serving all Single and married Active Duty, DoD Civilian Personnel and their Eligible Family Members, to include Guard and Reserve Members while on Active Duty, other Eligible Uniformed Members, Military Retirees, and their Eligible Family members.
Where can I arrange overnight camping on the base?

The base family camping (FAMCAMP) area is available for overnight camping. Call 413-557-2039 for more information, or visit www.westoverservices.com
How do I arrange for a flyover of a C-5?

The 439th Airlift Wing does perform occasional flyovers, but on a limited basis, due to worldwide airlift demands. You may submit your request including time, date, and location to: 439aw.pa@westover.af.mil. Fighter jet flyovers are not handled through Westover. The nearest fighter unit, equipped with F-15 Eagles, is the 104th Fighter Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard at Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield, Mass. That unit may be reached at 413-568-9151, x6981263.

How do I arrange for an American flag to be flown over an area in honor of someone?

Please contact our honor guard at 557-3342.

-Use GPS directions for2255 Westover Road, Chicopee, Mass. 01022

How do I get to Westover Air Reserve Base from 91 North or South?

Take Exit 12 to Route 391 and get off at Exit 3, Chicopee exit. Follow the Westover signs to the base. 

How do I get to Westover Air Reserve Base from Connecticut?

Take Route 91 North to Route 291 in Springfield to Fuller Road and take exit marked Westover ARB. Follow the Westover signs to the base.


How do I get to Westover Air Reserve Base from New York State or Western Massachusetts?

Take Mass Pike (Route 90) East to exit 5 and follow the Westover signs to the base.

How do I get to Westover Air Reserve Base from the Boston area?

Take the Mass Pike (Route 90) West to Exit 5 in Chicopee. Follow the Westover signs to the base.

How do I get to Westover Air Reserve Base from Vermont?

Take Route 91 South to Mass Pike (Route 90). Head East to exit 5 and follow the Westover signs to the base.


The Air Force has established a new Freedom of Information Act Website for submitting request online to our Requester Service Centers. Click the following AF eFOIA Public Access Link: https://www.efoia.af.mil/palMain.aspx

To submit a FOIA inquiry online click here. For mailing/faxing contact the FOIA Requester Service Center where the record is located, describe the records you want as specifically as possible, and let the office know how much you are willing to pay. Furnish any facts or clues about the time, place, persons, events, subjects, or other details of the information or records you want. That will help the office decide where to search and determine what records pertain to your request. It can also save you and the government time and money, and you may get what you want faster. There is no special form to complete. Mark your request and envelope "FOIA."

For fastest response times, the Air Force has decentralized its FOIA program. No single office handles all FOIA requests. If you prefer not to submit on line you can mail/fax your request to the particular base or activity that has the records you want. If you don't know which Air Force activity has the records you want, mail/fax your request to: HAF/IMII, 1000 Air Force Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330-1000; fax (703) 693-2746.

The Freedom of Information Act generally provides that any person has a right, enforceable in court, to obtain access to federal agency records, except to the extent that such records (or portions of them) are protected from public disclosure by one of nine exemptions, or by one of three special law enforcement record exclusions. 

The principles of government openness and accountability underlying the FOIA are inherent in the democratic ideal: "The basic purpose of the FOIA is to ensure an informed citizenry, vital to the functioning of a democratic society, needed to check against corruption and to hold the governors accountable to the governed."

Members of the public, including foreign citizens, military and civilian personnel acting as private citizens, organizations and businesses, and individual members of the Congress for themselves or constituents, may request records in writing. It is important to remember that the Freedom of Information Act applies only to federal agencies. It does not create a right of access to records held by Congress, the courts, state or local government agencies, or by private businesses or individuals. Each state has its own public access laws that should by consulted for access to state and local records.

I'm a student completing a term paper that includes information I need about the Air Force and Westover. How do I go about getting this information?

Students working on projects for school about the Air Force and/or Westover's operations are welcome to call or email the 439th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office with any questions.

(413) 557-2020
For information on Air Force policies in general:

Those inquiries need to be directed to Air Force headquarters at the Pentagon. The link to the Air Force web page is: www.af.mil


How do I find out about driving conditions on base during severe weather?

In the event of inclement weather, the base snowline, operated by the wing command post, provides updates on weather conditions on base. The snowline may be reached at 413-557-3444.

In addition, periodic updates will be posted on the Westover Facebook page. Click on: https://www.facebook.com/Westover.Patriot

How do I coordinate getting a speaker from Westover?

Requests for speakers need to first come through the 439th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office. Scan and/or email your request to 439aw.pa@us.af.mil

Thank you. 

Date of request for Westover speaker: 

Date/time of speech: 

What is its purpose? 


Who is the expected audience? 

Are media expected at this event? 

Uniform of the day: 

Point of contact (include name, e-mail, and cell contact info.): 

Parking instructions: 


Other remarks:

How do I request military troops and/or resources?

Please fill out the information below, and either scan or email to 439aw.pa@us.af.mil or fax to: 413-557-2011. 

The PA staff will assist in forwarding the request to the appropriate location (s) on base.

Thank you.

439th AW Public Affairs
Westover ARB, Mass.

Date of request for event:


What is its purpose?


Who is the expected audience?

Are media expected at this event?

Uniform of the day:

Point of contact (include name, email, and cell phone contact info).

How can I contact the base historian?

The base historian can be reached by calling 413-557-2075 or via email: 

How do I arrange for a base honor guard event?

The 439th Airlift Wing Honor Guard may be reached at: 413-557-3342 or email: HonorGuard5@us.af.mil



Installation Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety (AFI91-207, 3.6)

AFI91 - 207 12 SEPTEMBER 2013

Installation Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety.

Individuals are not authorized to jog, run or walk on roadways with high traffic density or during peak traffic periods, as determined by the installation commander. (T-0)

Individuals jogging, running or walking on roadways at night or in inclement weather
(e.g., fog, rain, sleet, snow, etc.), will wear clothing/accessories containing retro-reflective properties visible from the front and back. (T-1)

All individuals who are exposed to traffic hazards as part of their assigned duties shall
wear a highly visible outer garment during the day and outer garment containing retro-reflective material at night. (T-0)
This guidance applies to troop formations only to the degree determined necessary to maintain formation visibility to traffic. At a minimum road guards will wear a highly visible outer garment during the day and outer garment containing retro-reflective material at night. (T-0)
This applies to traffic control, road construction, pavement marking, utility maintenance, road clean-up and any other crew or individual required to work as a pedestrian on a roadway surface while the roadway remains open to traffic. (T-0)
Exception, Security Forces are exempt from this requirement at the option of the local security forces commander based on a formal risk assessment IAW AFI 90-802. If time critical, a real time risk assessment will be used. (T-3)
Reflective equipment shall be at the discretion of the supervisor/commander for
personnel transiting a roadway incidental to their assigned task(s). (T-3)

All persons who ride a bicycle, tricycle, or other human powered vehicle, including motorized bicycles, on an AF installation roadway, to include flight lines will: (T-2)
Wear a highly visible outer garment during the day and outer garment containing retro-reflective material at night.
Exception: Security Forces are exempt from this requirement at the option of the local security forces commander based on a formal risk assessment IAW AFI 90-802. If time critical, a real time risk assessment will be used. (T-3)
Reflective equipment shall be at the discretion of the supervisor/commander for personnel transiting a roadway incidental to their assigned task(s). (T-3)
Wear a properly fastened, approved (e.g., Consumer Product Safety Commission, ANSI, Snell Memorial Foundation or host nation equivalent) bicycle helmet. MAJCOMs will be the approving official on what qualifies as host nation equivalent.
Ensure bicycles are equipped with a white front light visible for 500 feet and red
reflector or light clearly visible from the rear for 300 feet. 

Non-Motorized Transportation Devices. Operators of these devices, including but not limited to skateboards, kick-scooters, roller skates, in-line skates, and other similar equipment not meeting DOT motor vehicle standards are prohibited on installation ro adways except for incidental road access associated with pedestrians and will comply with all pedestrian related traffic laws. (T-2)
Operators of these devices, unless determined to be a hazard to pedestrians, will use designated pedestrian walkways and paths. Commanders may authorize the use of certain types of these devices in the traffic environment, by inclusion into the traffic safety code.
An approved helmet is required to be worn on AF installations.
Additional required PPE, such as knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, etc. will be determined by a formal risk assessment IAW AFI 90-802 and included in the installation traffic safety code.

The use of portable headphones, earphones, cellular phones, iPods, or other listening and entertainment devices (other than hearing aids) while walking, jogging, running, bicycling, skating or skateboarding on roadways is prohibited. Use of listening devices impairs recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, approaching vehicles, human speech, and outside noise in general. (T-0)

For more: http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_se/publication/afi91-207/afi91-207.pdf

How can I join the Air Force Reserve?

Part-time jobs with full-time benefits are available. Find a career field that works for you.

Local recruiters:
Hadley, MA..... (413) 536-4394 
Westover Air Reserve Base, MA..... (413) 557-2125
Worcester, MA.....(508) 753-7616 
Hanscom AFB, MA.....(781) 225-2808    (Boston area)
Manchester, CT....(860) 645-6700 
Albany, N.Y....(518) 438-3077 
Providence, R.I....(401) 421-0364 
Manchester, NH...(603) 661-3356

I need legal advice!

Please contact our Legal Office at 413-557-3513 if you need to speak to someone.

Click here for legal worksheets and more information

Click here for legal services locator

Does Westover have lodging on base?

Yes. The Flyers Inn offers TDY and space-available lodging, and can be contacted via the following methods:

The Flyers Inn 
650 Airlift Drive 
Bldg. 2201 
Chicopee, MA 01022 

Tel: (413) 593-5421 
DSN: 589-2700 
Fax (DSN): 589-2835 

For TDY and Space Available reservations: 
Tel: (413) 593-5421 and (413) 557-2700 
DSN: 589-2700 

For UTA Reservations: 
Automated Lodging Reservation System 
(413) 557-2850

Tel: 1-800-367-1110, ext. 2850 
DSN: 589-2850 

Conference Center (DSN 589-3595) 

Westover Club
(413) 593-5531 

Airport Information: 

Bradley International Airport 
Windsor Locks, Conn. 
((30 miles from base))

AIR FORCE INNS Web Site: http://www.usafservices.com/ 

Westover ARB Services Web Site: http://www.westoverservices.com/ 
Westover ARB Facebook Site: http://www.facebook.com/Westover.Patriot/

How to renew or obtain an ID card

Customer service (Military Personal) center is unable to accommodate walk-ins.
If you need a military ID you MUST make an appointment:

Where can I obtain military memorabilia? 

Westover is not able to provide patches, uniform items, and other forms of military memorabilia. However, several private companies exist to meet your needs. The following list does not constitute endorsement. 

8th Air Force Museum Gift Shop 
800 Spring Street 
Suite 203 
Shreveport LA 71101 

Action Embroidery Corporation 
1325 W Brooks Street 
Ontario CA 91762 

Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc. 
P.O. Box 33624 
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433 

Battle Zone Ltd 
PO Box 266 
Towaca NJ 07082 
Fax: (201) 402-7226 

Ken Nolan, Inc. 
16901 Milliken P.O. Box C-19555 
Irvine CA 92713 

Marketing Dynamics Inc. 
19717 Mayhill Terrace 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 
Fax: (301) 990-3646 

I'm a retiree, is there an office I can call?

To contact someone in our Retiree Activity Office please call 413-557-3918.
Their office is located in building 5100, near the base club (DFAC) and Airman lodging buildings

What airports are near the base?

Westover Metropolitan Airport
255 Padgette St #2, Chicopee, MA 01022
(413) 593-5543
4 miles from base

Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport
110 Airport Road, Westfield, MA 01085
(413) 572-6275 
13 miles from base

Bradley International Airport 
Schoephoester Rd, Windsor Locks, CT 06096
(860) 292-2000
28 miles from base

Logan International Airport 
122 Harborside Dr, East Boston, MA
(617) 568-2509
91 miles from base

Which office at Westover do I call about a noise complaint concerning aircraft?

Callers can reach the public affairs office at 413-557-2020, or via email, 439aw.pa@us.af.mil
Please include the time of the incident, aircraft description, and direction of flight.

Does Westover offer space-available travel and how do I get information about flights?

The 439th Airlift Wing passenger terminal, located at Hangar 3, south wing, is currently accepting registrations for flights both overseas and in the continental U.S. For more information, call the Space-A hotline at 413-557-2549 or the passenger terminal at 413-557-3453 and 2622.


If you have a specific flight in mind, please make it known in your inquiry so the terminal staff may better serve you. 

Due to security concerns, flight schedules may not be faxed or e-mailed to non-military persons, and terminal employees cannot discuss arrival or departure information by phone.

How do I sign up for a flight?

To sign up for a flight, you must provide your name, rank, social security number, category of travel and the countries you plan to visit. If dependents are traveling with you, they must provide the same information.

How far in advance are flight schedules posted?



Flight schedules are posted on the 20th of each month for the following month's flights.

What regular trips are available from Westover?

On average, Westover C-5s travel to Europe twice per week. Trips to the Pacific are sporadic.



I am interested in getting in contact with a buddy I used to be stationed with. Can you help?

Individuals who are trying to contact current or former members of the Air Force are encouraged to contact the World Wide Locator service located at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. The contact information for the World Wide Locator service is listed below:

Air Force Worldwide Locator 
550 C Street West Suite 50 
Randolph AFB, TX 78150 
Commercial: (210) 565-2660 
DSN: 665-2660
What is the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program?

The Air Force Reserve Command's Yellow Ribbon Program is a result of a congressional directive in the 2007 Defense Appropriations Act that mandated reserve components provide additional deployment support and reintegration to reservists and their families. 

Its purpose is to ensure support and outreach services are readily available to unit members, their families and communities throughout a deployment cycle. Not only does the program focus on pre-deployment activities, but also reintegration activities after the end of any deployment or mobilization lasting 90 days or longer. 

Program information may be obtained by calling the Airman & Family Readiness Center: 413-557-3024

Yellow Ribbon Program website: http://www.yellowribbon.mil/