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First Issue - 1974

November 1974 Patriot Magazine Cover

50th Anniversary

Historical 50 years Patriot Magazine Cover

STAFF 2010-2018

439th Airlift Wing Commander
Col. Robert Swain Jr.
Brig. Gen. Steven Vautrain
Brig. Gen. Albert Lupenski
Brig. Gen. Derin Durham 

Public Affairs Officer
Lt. Col. James Bishop
Maj. Jennifer Christovich

Maj. Wilson Camelo
Capt. Matthew Bates
Capt. Andre Bowser
SMSgt. Andrew Biscoe
MSgt. Timm Huffman
TSgt. Brian Boynton
TSgt. George Cloutier
TSgt. Amelia Leonard
TSgt. Troy Thibeault
TSgt. Stephen Winn
SSgt. Kelly Galloway Goonan
SSgt. Katie Kiley
SRA. Alex Brown
SRA. Charles Hutchinson
A1C Randy Burlingame, 104th FW
A1C Sadie Hewes, 103rd AW
A1C Chanhda Ly, 103rd AW
Ms. Nicole Clark

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