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  • Westover communicates through various mediums

    Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families can monitor the following mediums for information at Westover:-- E-Patriot. The most popular and longest-lasting communication avenue for the wing's senior leadership, the e-Patriot is published electronically and is made available on this web site quarterly. Simply scroll to the PATRIOT area on this
  • Maintainers log in to technical orders

    “The system automatically updates every week,” said Jaczyk. “It’s great because before we had to wait for someone to send us a piece of paper with the new information and then distribute it to everyone who needed it.”
  • Wing announces first quarter winners

    Congratulations to the following Patriot Wing award winners for the first quarter!Airman: SrA. Aida Tellado - 439th Communications SquadronNCO: Staff Sgt. Monica Ricci - 439th Airlift Wing Public AffairsSNCO: Master Sgt. Stephanie Biza - 42nd Aerial Port SquadronCGO: Capt. Lisa Anello 439th Airlift Wing Staff Judge AdvocateCivilian Non-
  • CRF sets foot in Florida

    A brilliant blue sky and a relatively mild winter morning greeted 439th Contingency Response Flight as they made their way across the flightline to an awaiting C-17 Globemaster III for a trip south to an even warner Florida for a mobility exercise.The CRF participated in the Air Force Reserve Command’s 2018 Patriot Sands exercise February 27
  • B-52 memorial honors Westover crew lost in 1971 accident

    First Lt. William Passmore, 58th Aerial Port Squadron, and an avid history collector of Westover’s Strategic Air Command era, organized the memorial event held Jan. 7 at the Westover Club. Col. D. Scott Durham, 439th Airlift Wing commander, was the presiding officer and joined the family members in paying tribute to the aircrew. It’s an honor to be here…. you guys are the real heroes,” said Todd Crowley, whose father, Capt. Joel Hirsch, was aboard the B-52. “We didn’t think something like this was going to happen all these years later. “I was really honored when Mr. Passmore reached out to us.”
  • In the end, it is YOUR readiness

    So, what is readiness? To me, it is a combination of several different elements, the first of which is individual readiness. This is probably the easiest to quantify—you can see it indicated in ARCNet and other systems as green, yellow, and red. It is a combination of shots, physical exams, fitness, annual CBTs, etc. You will probably get the most help with individual readiness as the chain of command chases down “the lists.”
  • Top 3 announces Senior NCO Dining-In

    Westover's Top 3 is planning the third annual Dining-In to take place April 7. Tickets are $55 each. The event will be held at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Holyoke, Mass. beginning at 6 p.m. For more information, contact any Top 3 member.   
  • AFIT Academic Coding Branch provides critical service to total force officers

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – While academic degrees are generally masked at officer promotion boards, they still play a critical role for certain leadership and technical positions, so keeping official records updated with the most accurate information can be vital.Some situations where having an updated academic record is crucial
  • Key Spouse Program, never having to go it alone

    Members of the armed services know that it is imperative to get all their personal affairs in order before we deploy. It is important to be certain loved ones are taken care of before we go out the door. It’s times like this when Reserve Citizen Airmen welcome having a group of people who can be trusted to support and encourage their loved ones.
  • The Westover Train, an Air Show Attraction

    The Westover Train shuttled air show goers from make shift parking lots on the other side of base in 1990, 1992, 1994, and 1996 and people still ask if it will be at the next airshow.