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  • Red Card certification opens up more opportunities for Westover firefighters

    Benedetti said 23 of his firefighters, approximately 33 percent of the department, have chosen to take the opportunity to become Red Card certified; taking their capabilities and opportunities to another level. “To become Red Card certified, firefighters must partake in yearly online and in-classroom classes, participate in a prescribed burn event, and perform a PACK test,” said Benedetti. The PACK test is a 3 mile hike that must be completed in 45 minutes, while carrying a pack weighted 40 lbs. The certification is not mandatory for Westover firefighters, but many choose to get the certification in order to improve their skills and open up more opportunities for themselves outside of Westover, Benedetti said.
  • “Fury Road”: Westover’s new tactical vehicle training route

    Inaugurated on July 15th, Fury Road is Westover’s new tactical vehicle training route, designed to ensure Airmen get their annual expeditionary training requirements.
  • Drone operations illegal over Westover

    Westover officials would like to remind drone, or Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), operators that it is illegal to fly over the base.
  • April 2021 Pre-UTA CC/CCC Briefing

    April 2021 Pre-UTA CC/CCC Briefing
  • 42nd APS receives 2020 AFRC Logistics Readiness awards

    42nd APS receives 2020 Outstanding AFRC Logistics Readiness awards
  • Westover's Airmen Against Drunk Driving program needs drivers

    Westover's Airmen Against Drunk Driving program is looking for volunteer drivers April 9 through 10. - The shifts are from 8 p.m. to midnight - Volunteers don’t get to pick their time slot - If you choose to volunteer, please arrive 5 minutes before your shift at the USO - Contact Senior Airman Kara Gibson at 557-2654 or kara.gibson@us.af.mil to sign up
  • Westover Weather Report, Jan. 6

    Westover Weather Report: Our average temperature was 32F which is 2 degrees below normal for the month. December ranked the 21st warmest.
  • The City of Chicopee To Revert to Phase 3, Step 1 of the MA Re-Opening Plan

    CHICOPEE – Effective Monday, November 30, 2020, the City of Chicopee will revert to Step 1 of Phase 3 due to its classification remaining at a High Risk/Red community for 3 consecutive weeks. Due to the ongoing increase throughout the Chicopee and the Commonwealth, the Board of Health has ordered the city to revert to Step 1 of Phase 3. 
  • Looking for more Peace?

    As we begin the New Year, consider that times of transition are natural points to consider fresh starts or new goals. When it comes to emotional health and wellness, The Dalai Lama is long considered one of the wisest and most peace-filled guides of our time.
  • Westover ARB to conduct severe weather exercise

    The 439th Airlift Wing is planning to conduct a severe weather exercise December 11 at approximately 9 a.m.