Westover's USO awarded at Chicopee Gala

  • Published
  • By SSgt. Auger
  • 439 AW/PA
The Pioneer Valley USO’s hard work and commitment to service members and their families was recognized and rewarded on April 1st.
“We were named the non-profit business of the year by the Chicopee chamber of commerce for the year 2022.” Said Allan Tracy, Executive Director of the Pioneer Valley USO.

The reward was given out at the Castle of Knights in Chicopee during the “Shining Stars.” event, which honors those within the Chicopee business community who have displayed excellence in what they do.
“I think Chicopee realized that we work hard.” Said Tracy.

Tracy said the mission of the USO is to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country throughout their service to or nation.
“Anywhere the military goes, the USO goes.” Said Tracy.

Tracy said the Pioneer Valley USO provides food to service members via their food pantry, sponsors military events on and off base, and sends care packages to local service members while they are deployed.
“If anybody finds that they have someone from the local area deployed and want to get care packages sent to them, we get permission to do it.” Said Tracy.

The Pioneer Valley USO is in its 82nd year of operation, and has been located at Westover ARB since 1992.
“I love taking care of the troops,” said Tracy. “Anything to help the military, we are happy to do it.”

Tracy is a Vietnam war veteran and former United States Marine who views his work with the USO as a way to continue his support of the military and give himself some internal gratitude as well.
“To me, working at the USO is therapy.” Said Tracy.

Tracy said The USO works hard to achieve the outside funding and donations in order to keep providing their services to military members, and says the local community has done a lot to help keep the USO operating.
“We do the best we can to try to raise money,” said Tracy. “The community itself has been absolutely awesome to us.”

The Pioneer Valley USO’s regular business hours are weekdays and UTA days 0800-1600.