Westover Airmen take oath of re-enlistment atop C-5

  • Published
  • By SSgt. Dylan Auger
  • 439 AW/PA
Westover’s career advisors took advantage of a C-5M being mated inside the base’s ISO-dock hangar for maintenance, hosting a mass re-enlistment on top of the aircraft.
“This was an opportunity for Airmen that don’t get the chance to be on a C-5 or see one up close, to actually re-enlist on top of one.” Said MSgt. Sharon Mekal, 439th MXG Group Career Advisor.

Col. Joseph Janik, 439th Airlift Wing Commander, administered the oath of enlistment to sixteen Airmen who are currently serving the Patriot Wing.
“Col. Janik was a hundred percent behind any opportunity to speak with his Airmen and re-enlist them.” Said Mekal.

Mekal said it is important to do everything possible to ensure Airmen get to do something memorable for their re-enlistments.
“They are promising a time of their life to the U.S. military,” said Mekal. “The least we can do is facilitate a unique and enjoyable re-enlistment experience.”

Mekal also credited MSgt. Luz Sanchez, 439th Wing Career Assistance Advisor, for making the re-enlistment event possible and making sure Airmen get the career assistance and guidance necessary to accomplish the mission.
“Any Airmen looking for re-enlistment or career advising during the week or non-UTA time period are urged to reach out to MSgt. Sanchez.” Said Mekal

Mekal said she enjoyed the ability to help set up this mass re-enlistment, and hopes to help organize more creative and unique re-enlistment events in the future.
“I think today’s event was a success,” said Mekal. “I’m excited to see where these opportunities go and it was great seeing the response of the re-enlisters, their supervisors, and their family members.”