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  • We must commit to eliminating sexual assault from our Air Force

    To the Men and Women of the United States Air Force:We must commit to eliminating sexual assault from our Air Force.The Air Force has focused on sexual assault prevention and response for several years, with special emphasis on victim care. Unfortunately, sexual assault continues to burden our Airmen and degrade our mission effectiveness. Sexual
  • AFRC commander sends holiday greetings

    As we celebrate this holiday season and prepare for the challenges of 2011,I want to thank you for serving our nation as Citizen Airmen. You have stepped up to meet every tasking given to you. You airlifted much needed aidto disaster victims, deployed to Afghanistan, helped usher in a new era inIraq or supported other contingency operations
  • Pausing to be grateful at Thanksgiving

    As a nation, we pause on Thanksgiving Day to recall all that we are thankful and grateful for as a nation. We gather as family members and friends to give thanks for all that has been given to us throughout this year as well as in years long past. We celebrate with parades, turkey dinners and all of its fixings, pumpkin pie and oh so many other
  • Vacation refreshes minds

    Many of us feel the need for a vacation but never follow through on taking a vacation for two reasons: (1) We feel it is too difficult to plan for or that we do not have time to plan for a vacation; or (2) We use the excuse that it is more work for us to do when we return after our vacation; therefore, it is best for us to just continue to tend to
  • Preventing heat injuries- including over and under hydration

    Whether deployed to Southwest Asia or operating stateside during the summer heat, many military operations take place under extremely hot conditions. Because of the insidious nature of heat illnesses, heat injuries frequently result because people often don't recognize their symptoms until it's too late. Our body's protective cooling mechanism
  • Take God with you on vacation

    Often times, the summer months provide for all of us longer days with warmer temperatures. We use this time to rest from our very busy and hectic lives: the hustle and bustle of daily living with its deadlines and demands on our time, not to mention the responding to instant messages, texting, twittering, facebook, emails, voicemails, and all of
  • Rules of engagement for using fireworks on the Fourth of July

    Across the United States each year, millions of dollars in property burn, and thousands of lives are affected by fireworks related accidents. The incidence of fireworks related property loss and injuries have always been a concern to this community.The potential for a devastation wildland-urban fire is extremely high each summer. The use of
  • Suicide prevention: saving lives that matter

    Suicide. Even the sound of the word has a ring of finality to it. Most of us have been affected by it one way or another, whether experiencing the fallout from a friend's death, someone in our own family, or perhaps even thought of doing it yourself. When someone seriously considers suicide, they are not seeing clearly.How Does It Happen?     So
  • Fitness editorial -- Part 3 -- Ride the rail (trails)

    The Western Massachusetts landscape is littered with the remains of the days when rail travel was at its peak. One of these old rail lines has been converted into a modern day recreation destination.     The Norwottuck Rail Trail, which runs from Northampton to Amherst, is an 8.5 mile paved recreation track that follows the former Boston and Maine
  • Fitness editorial -- part 2 -- Local hike affords beautiful vistas, rigorous workout

     If you're like me, you can only take so much of the weight room, treadmill or the elliptical. If so, why not try one nearby hike that offers beautiful views of Western Massachusetts and will also get you closer to your PT goals?     Just a short drive through Granby will take you to the Mt. Holyoke Range State Park, home to miles and miles of