Vacation refreshes minds

  • Published
  • By by Chaplain (Capt.) Jeffrey Ballou
  • 439th Airlift Wing
Many of us feel the need for a vacation but never follow through on taking a vacation for two reasons:

(1) We feel it is too difficult to plan for or that we do not have time to plan for a vacation; or (2) We use the excuse that it is more work for us to do when we return after our vacation; therefore, it is best for us to just continue to tend to our daily duties and tasks.

These are unhealthy signs and attitudes. We can all be replaced.

If we feel any of these ways or others that are not mentioned, then we definitely need a vacation.

Many times. supervisors, family members, or friends sometimes ask us: "When was the last time that you had some time off or took a vacation?" or "Maybe if you took some time off you could see things in a different way. "

Maybe we are getting frustrated and every little thing that our kids or the neighbors or our colleagues at work do are really annoying us - take a vacation!

Many times we get so overly focused that we cannot see or sense the change in our mood or attitude or work ethic that it takes those around us to suggest for us what we ourselves cannot realize about ourselves!

We all need a chance to rest, think, collect ourselves, and enjoy the moment from time to time on vacation.

Vacations give us a chance to do what we want to do and have the leisure ability to do just that. Vacations provide us time away so as to come back to our duties and responsibilities refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated.

When we take time off from work and return to work, we can look at things with a new and different perspective. We can often accomplish our duties and task with greater ease and less time to accomplish them. We are all entitled to take vacations. As a general rule, we should never pass up that vacation time - otherwise you will lose that time and can never regain it.

We are not machines that can work 24/7 or weeks or months straight without taking a day off or time away or a full-fledged vacation or staycation.

Do yourself and your family and friends a favor and take a vacation. It does not matter if a vacation is taken near or far. What matters is that we have leisure time to do what we want. Many times we cannot afford far away vacations but rather staycation.

There is nothing wrong with that. We often feel the need to go far away to get away and see new things but more often than not we miss all the various sites in our own back yard that people come from near and far to see. The spectacular fall in New England, with its changes of leaves, is like no other in our country.

As a consequence of living in our respective areas, we miss so many opportunities to see the various sites. Near Westover are such attractions as the Springfield Museum of Arts and Science, Basketball Hall of Fame, Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke,
whitewater rafting or glacier potholing or the Bridge of flowers -- all in Franklin County, the quaintness of the Berkshire Mountains with the Norman Rockwell Museum and the Shrine of Divine Mercy, and so many other attractions for mind, body, and soul throughout Western Massachusetts.

Near of far, taking a vacation can be a great experience for seeing new sites and cultures and hearing and speaking a new language. It helps us to realize that the world is a big place. We learn to look at situations with different and fresh or refreshing perspectives.

Do yourself and those around you a favor --- take a vacation!