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  • Going bananas for good health

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Westover's Integrated Delivery System team provided this information. The base IDS team comprises staffs of the Airmen and Family Readiness Center, wing chaplain, 439th Aeromedical Staging Squadron mental health office, wing safety, drug demand reduction program, military equal opportunity, force support squadron, sexual assault
  • Happy Nutrition Month

    Editor's note: SSgt. Hall is the noncommissioned officer in charge of nutritional medicine at the 439th ASTS.Happy Nutrition Month! How many of you even knew that it was National Nutrition Month? National Nutrition Month was started over 40 years ago. March is a month to educate the general population on proper health and nutrition. This year's
  • Leading with excellence in difficult financial times

    My hope is by the time you read this commentary, our legislators have come to an agreement to avoid sequestration and the Air Force has decided that we can keep all 16 of our aircraft, but hope is not a plan. We live in difficult financial times and the recent generous defense budgets are coming to an end. The Department of Defense and the Air
  • Health and Fitness

    Fitness. For some, just that word is enough for you to break out in a sweat and cause heart palpitations, but in my opinion that is one of the most important words we know. Fitness builds the foundation for our lives. Some of you may hope that the renewed emphasis on health and fitness is just a passing fad and maybe you can even wait it out. But
  • New year means inspection prep

    As we hit our stride in 2013, I want to remind everyone that as a wing we were exceptionally successful last year. You, as a member, either accomplished something great or were a key part of any one of those accomplishments. As an individual you helped make Team Westover the wing of choice by those who needed something done, done quickly and
  • January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

    To spark awareness and vigilance against a growing global human rights crisis, President Barack Obama has proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings and is for all intensive purposes a form of modern-day slavery. The United Nations International Labor
  • The Hallmark of a Great Wing

    As we begin 2013, I'd like to thank the members of the Patriot Wing for another year of excellence. Your outstanding performance was recognized by Air Force Reserve Command multiple times during the past year. Westover units earned four best-in-AFRC unit awards in 2012: Fire Department of the Year, Outstanding Aeromedical Staging Squadron;
  • Hurricane response shows what we’re made of

    Overcoming adversity. It is the hallmark of the Patriot Wing and it's what makes us unique in the Command. On Sunday of the A UTA, a call came from one of our Reservists in New York City. Her neighborhood was hit hard by the hurricane and there was little relief in sight. The First Sergeants went into action. Within one day, they had collected
  • Keep it Simple, Santa

    I have a game for you to play. It's a Christmas game -- if that's your tradition -- or any winter holiday will do. Your goal, between now and December 25th, is to gather up more stuff, commit to a longer list of parties and places to be, and ring up more debt than everyone else in the game. As the winner, your friends will stand amazed at your
  • Air Force mentoring 101: An introduction

    Mentoring is crucial to the mission and success of the Air Force. It is the process of showing younger Airmen how to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow. However, the idea of mentoring means different things to different people. Rank, age, perception, background, experiences (both good and bad) and many other factors shape our views on what