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  • Ivy-Leaguer seeks adventure in Reserve

    When asked what he had accomplished last summer, SSgt. JoseGutierrez said he traveled to Ecuador to conduct his independent researchproject for his studies at Yale University. The bioenvironmental technician --assigned to the 439th Aerospace Medicine Squadron -- downplayed thesignificance of his multi-pursuit life. “I conducted research that
  • Air Force historian preserves Navy story

    Not many people get to live their dreams. Westover's wing historian, MSgt. Joseph Gluckert, is one of the lucky ones.He's manned the 439th Airlift Wing history office since 2006. MSgt. Gluckert was recently given the opportunity to take the helm of the same role as a civilian -- at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, N.H.The move to the
  • Ironman Tri-athlete Kicks Off Westover Strong Campaign

    A local Ironman competitor and mother of three children told reservists on the January A UTA about her successful style of athleticism and time management.Michelle Fitzell is a physical therapist at Bay State Hospital in Springfield. This past August, she completed her first Ironman competition in Louisville, Ky. The Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, a
  • WINGMEN: AF firefighters are life-long friends

    It's rare that two life-long friends can say they've traveled all around the country and the world in the military - together. But that's the case with SrA. Jason Barnett and SrA. Andrew Nelson. The two wingmen grew up together in the Nutmeg State, attended and graduated from Connecticut colleges the same year, worked together at the same insurance
  • Retired APS chief: POW in Iranian Revolution

    Guests at CMSgt. Henry Lojkuc's (pronounced "Lo-check") recent retirement ceremony would never guess the unassuming and deferential aerial porter was ever a player in world affairs. But for one month in 1979, he was a prisoner of war in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution.It's Valentine's Day, 1979, and he's a Marine Corps corporal, newly arrived
  • As a wingman, look for signals of distress

    Last spring, I attended the funeral of a friend, classmate and fellow veteran.His passing marked the second time in 2013 that a family friend had committed suicide.His troubles were many, and he hid them well. We spoke often and had many "war stories" to tell each other. I'd seen him at least weekly at our Student Veterans Alliance meetings at a
  • Outliers: The Story of Success

    Yes, Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller Outliers: The Story of Success is on the Chief of Staff's 2013 reading list. Wait! Come back. Gladwell's ability to sift through a mountain of data and come away with life-changing insights makes the book fascinating.Outliers examines how successful people--pilots, hockey players, lawyers, geeks, entrepreneurs,
  • Patriot Wing's vice commander was born, raised in Pioneer Valley

    When Col. Jeffrey F. Hancock joined the military in 1985, he fulfilled a boyhood dream: When he was 8 years old, he climbed a tree in Ludlow to watch an airplane take off from Westover.After nearly three decades in the military, and rising to the second highest position at Westover, Col. Hancock is poised to retire from the Reserves in just one
  • 60-MPH Wind and Hail Buffet Patriot Express players

    As I'm scraping out thick mud caked to the bottom of my boots I hear,  "Well that definitely doesn't look good at all." Canvassing the mud-spattered site here, my jaw dropped. The 50-foot antenna mast, which serves as the primary communication for air to ground transmissions for the Hard-sided Expandable Lightweight Air Mobility Shelter, snapped at
  • Turn and Burn -- The Things I Saw At War

    The following is a snapshot of my deployment while at Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan."So this is just a turn-and-burn right?" I ask the Marine. We're standing on the side of the main road of Camp Phoenix, across from the building we both work at, in frontof a row of black SUVs. It's late afternoon on a mid-spring day in northern Afghanistan, which means