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  • Reserve Citizen Airman Bids Farewell After 41 Years

    When 19-year-old Robert Wegeman Jr. left Louisiana and joined the Air Force in 1976, “Star Wars” didn’t exist, Rocky had yet to fight Apollo, gas was 60 cents per gallon, the A-10 Thunderbolt II was less than 6 months old, the F-15 Eagle was less than 2 years old and the primary military fighter aircraft was the F-4 Phantom. After 41 years of
  • Westover continues to support hurricane relief efforts

    Patriot Wing Airmen have been instrumental in moving equipment, supplies, first responders and Airmen to support hurricane relief efforts in the South and in the Caribbean.In fact, Westover ARB is one of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s incident support bases.In support of Hurricane Maria relief efforts Westover crews loaded 27 members and
  • Last C-5A flight brings nostalgia back for crew

    An unmistakable sound echoed across the sky above Westover Sept. 7 – for the last time.With a growl and whine so familiar to residents and the base populace here for 30 years, it was the final takeoff for C-5A Galaxy 70-0461, the last remaining A-model built 47 years ago and delivered to the Air Force from Lockheed.Aboard the Air Force’s sole
  • Westover ARB maintainer explains detailed repair to C-5 nose-gear

    The C-5 - one of the most complex aircraft in the inventory - challenged Westover's renowned aircraft maintainers recently, as Airmen salvaged parts from the former fleet to help with restoring the remaining operational jets.Tech Sgt. Nathan Staples, a 439th Maintenance Squadron aero repair technician, explained how the two ball-screw drive
  • Protocol for reveille, retreat and taps on Westover

    Proper customs and courtesies to follow on Westover Air Reserve Base for reveille, retreat and taps.
  • SMSgt represents Westover in 500-mile ride across Iowa

    Westover’s own Senior Master Sgt. Devon DeStefano, 439th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron electrical and environmental element chief and additional duty first sergeant, is an Air Force cycling team who will face the ultimate challenge of physical and mental fitness on this a 500-mile bike ride across Iowa.
  • Aircraft maintenance Airmen navigating through entrepreneurship

    Two Westover Airmen turned business partners operate their own nano-brewery in western Massachusetts.
  • From Cameroon to Westover: Airman takes next steps toward entrepreneurship

    Jean Marc Tchazou left Cameroon in 2007. He said the government of his homeland was oppressive, and he knew that his only chance at success meant moving to the United States.  Now a senior airman in the Air Force Reserve, Tchazou’s journey to citizenship was highlighted in a 2013 Patriot Magazine article. He said by acquiring his U.S. citizenship,
  • Four strikes and you're out

                    Senior Airman Catherine Libbey with the 439th Aeromedical and Dental Squadron and Senior Airman Kody Anischick from the 337th Airlift Squadron were recently one failure away from discharge when they realized their fitness was now or never. Just because it’s an open-book test doesn’t make it easy. For some members, the Air Force
  • A Chaplain's little miracle

    The story still gives him chills. Maj. Matthew Zimmerman, chaplain with the 439 Airlift Wing, recently opened up to his fellow wingmen about a family battle he’s been dealing with quietly: cancer. Nine months ago, Zimmerman’s five-year-old son Gavin was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor. “It was the night of the Super Bowl, and Cari and I were