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  • In 'plane' view

  • Solar farm grows out of what was once tabacco fields, Westover housing

    Westover will soon see a significantly lower electric bill thanks to Chicopee Solar LLC. The Chicopee Municipal Light Plant, which services the city of Chicopee, will begin receiving electricity sourced from a newly installed solar plant just outside Westover.
  • Drones: know the new rules

    Unmanned aircraft systems are aircraft, not toys, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, making operators subject to aviation laws and guidelines. FAA statistics show a surge in “close call with drone” reports by military and civilian pilots: nearly 700 incidents in 2015.
  • 337th AS train to fly the C-5M

    It’ll take some getting used to. The familiar whine of the C-5B Galaxy’s engines that has saturated the air at Westover for decades will be reduced to a much quieter hum when the first of eight C-5M Super Galaxies returns in June.
  • Patrol team’s unique desert mission

    Manning base gates and protecting the flightline are typical missions security forces Airmen experience during a deployment. They train to perform these regular assignments back home before heading overseas. Members of the 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron base security zone patrol team have a more unique deployment task here in an undisclosed desert location in Southwest Asia: they have the privilege of interacting with the local population.
  • Oh the Times, Are they Really A’ Changin’

    The memory is still fresh in my mind. “Malmstrom Tower, this is the Strategic Air Command Inspector General Team. We are 15 nautical miles from your location. Our intention is to conduct Nuclear Surety and Operational Readiness Inspections at your wings and we are requesting initial instruction.”
  • FACES OF WESTOVER -- Staff Sgt. Gregory Tayetto, 439th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

    FACES OF WESTOVER -- Staff Sgt. Gregory Tayetto, 439th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
  • Top 3 preps for second annual dining-in

    Organizers are putting the final touches on the upcoming second annual Westover SNCO/CPO Dining-In to be held in neighboring Holyoke, Mass., April 1.
  • C - 5 M models will soon renew Westover’s mission capability

    The much-anticipated C-5M will be coming to the Patriot Wing soon. This completely refurbished model will feature more powerful but quieter engines, improved cargo area lighting, and a host of other upgrades.
  • Rock Solid Warrior: Tech. Sgt. Michael Valentin

    Tech. Sgt. Michael Valentin, the 386th chapel NCO in charge. I am deployed from the 439th Airlift Wing, Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass. I initially wanted to join the Air Force to help pay for my last year of college, but after joining my reason became about the love I have for my country and making a difference where, when, and with those I could.