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Default Air Force Logo Keep it Simple, Santa
I have a game for you to play. It's a Christmas game -- if that's your tradition -- or any winter holiday will do. Your goal, between now and December 25th, is to gather up more stuff, commit to a longer list of parties and places to be, and ring up more debt than everyone else in the game. As the winner, your friends will stand amazed at your
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Westover Air Reserve Base welcome sign at the main gate entrance. (U.S. Air Force photo/SrA. Kelly Galloway) Air Force mentoring 101: An introduction
Mentoring is crucial to the mission and success of the Air Force. It is the process of showing younger Airmen how to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow. However, the idea of mentoring means different things to different people. Rank, age, perception, background, experiences (both good and bad) and many other factors shape our views on what
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Colonel Vautrain You put on a first-class show
The 2012 Great New England Air Show and Open House is now a memory. I'd like to thank all of you for making it such a huge success - your hard work ensured we put on a first-class show! The local community, air show participants, and most importantly, our veterans, had nothing but praise for the way the men and women of the Patriot Wing treated
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Default Air Force Logo The Enlisted Perspective: Analog leadership in digital times
The United States Air Force is the world's most advanced air, space and cyberspace force. Most of that can be attributed to you -- our outstanding Airmen -- but technology also plays a huge role. Advanced tools help us maintain an advantage over our adversaries. Technology has enabled our continuing success.However, technology also threatens to
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Colonel Vautrain Wing would remain viable under restructuring proposal
By now you are aware that Air Force officials have announced a proposal to cut eight aircraft from the 439th Airlift Wing's C-5 fleet in 2016. This is a result of planned Pentagon budget cuts. The Air Force is refocusing and reducing the size of its forces to comply with the president's new defense strategy and the Budget Control Act's requirements
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Default Air Force Logo Don't sit still with your military careers
Happy New Year!Two-thousand twelve is upon us. I hope you have taken the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family over the holiday season.Since becoming the command chief last spring, one thing that has amazed me is the quality of the Airmen we have in our wing. You're motivated, and possess the self-initiative toachieve great
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Default Air Force Logo Wellness, resilience fortify us in 2012
This has been a challenging year for the Patriot Wing. Deployments, ORI preparation, the ORI itself, the tornado in June, the earthquake and hurricane in August, and the destructive snowstorm in October have added to the stress of our already stressful lives. During times like these we must remain resilient. I encourage you to apply the
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(U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish) SECAF issues letter to all service members
Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley issued a letter to all service members Nov. 8.In it, he wrote, "The mission at the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operation (AFMAO) is to provide dignity, honor and respect to the fallen and care, service and support to their families. The professionals whose privilege it is to perform this solemn duty take
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Default Air Force Logo Meeting our fiscal and national security responsibility
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta issued a message to all Defense Departmentpersonnel on Aug. 1, 2011, regarding the resolution of the debt ceilingagreement:As I begin my second month in office as Secretary of Defense, I wanted totake the opportunity to share my thinking with you on one of the keychallenges we face as a Department: how to ensure
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Default Air Force Logo Commander wishes wingmen farewell
We have worked tirelessly getting ready. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Three years ago we started a journey together toward being an excellent organization. We changed our mission statement to "Leaders in Excellence" to align with the Air Force core values. A statement is just words without the deeds and actions to back it up. You
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