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  • Caring for those who bear the fight

    Three medical professionals of the 439th Aeromedical Staging Squadron served four months in a place where theories and abstracts give way to tangibles as real as the shriek of a mortar alarm and the smell of burnt explosives, propellant and metal. Lieutenant Col. Robert C. Dorman, Maj. Robert D. Rostedt, and Maj. Maureen A. McCann treated physical
  • Westover water tower gets new coat

    Contractors paint Westover's 1940's-era water tower under scorching heat Aug. 2.  The repainting was a base civil-engineering project aimed at prolonging the life of the tower.  The 500,000 gallons of water in the tower supplement the base water supply in case of fire.  Workers completed the project Aug. 3.
  • Tune up

    Westover maintainers are trained on the inner workings of the massive engines aboard the C-5 Galaxy.  Westover operates and maintains 15 C-5A models and one C-5B.  The wing expects to be equipped with all B models within two years.  The Patriot Wing has been flying the Air Force's largest aircraft since 1987.