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Category: Deployments
  • Honoring Sept 11 through service and deployment

    For one Westover firefighter, his first deployment holds a deeper meaning than most.“It was hard not to get a little emotional when I saw the aircraft take off,” said Tech. Sgt. Mark McKunes, a 439th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighter who’s on his first deployment here to Southwest Asia. “Being deployed during 9/11 was very moving—that’s the
  • Earn it: The TSgt. Elias Aponte story of redemption

    From his earliest days as an Airman atbasic training, TSgt. Elias Aponte said things didn’t come easy.“Earn it!” TSgt. Aponte recalled whathis drill sergeant would shout. “That’s all he ever said to us.”Looking back through the long lens oftime, the Security Forces Squadron sergeant said his life could best bedescribed as a series of seemingly