Do it right every time

  • Published
  • By Col. Al Lupenski
  • Commander, 439th Airlift Wing
I would like to thank all the members of the Patriot Wing for the warmest welcome.

The change of command was incredible and my family and friends were overwhelmed. It was awesome to look out over the formation of incredible Airmen and see that C-5 with the beautiful blue sky in the background. As I said on Sunday, I believe that family comes first. It's because of our families that we are able to serve. Our families mold who we are and they are an integral part of the ability for us to support our very important mission. Having Kathy, my family and my closest friends in attendance this weekend was veryspecial. Kathy and I are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.

You heard me say "Do the right thing and do it right every time." This wing has an incredible reputation and I want to thank everyone from the airman to the colonel for the dedication to the mission.

"Do the right thing" is simply integrity. "Do it right every time" speaks more to excellence. You are the experts. With shrinking budgets and resources we need to encourage innovation in order to continue to maintain the level of excellence that has made the Patriot Wing the model to emulate. I will look to every one of you for your expertise and ideas on how to ensure we get the mission done and get it done "right every time."

The world is constantly changing. When you think things are slowing down, world events change that. We need to be ready. Readiness is what we do. You have probably heard the term "Mission First, People Always." I firmly believe this. Take care of the people and the mission will succeed.

Once again, I work for you. I am here to remove the barriers to success. I am here to listen to you, the experts, and make decisions based on input from you. Let me know where the problems are. I am honored to have the opportunity to be your new wing commander and humbled at the chance to serve with you.