439th Strategic Alignment Committee develops new mission, vison statement

  • Published
  • By William C. Pope
  • 439th Airlift Wing

A strategic alignment committee convened to review the 439th Airlift Wing’s mission, vision, and priorities Sept. 13-15 at the Wing Conference Center.

Thirty people from various units, ranks, and levels of leadership discussed the way forward for Westover.

“The strategic alignment is an opportunity for us to review the current mission, vision, and priorities for the airlift wing,” said Col. Joseph Janik, 439th Airlift Wing commander. “This allows us to ensure we are in alignment with our higher headquarters. When our team is aligned, everyone understands and is fully committed to our team’s purpose.”

According to Janik, people can compare the process to the front end alignment of a car. In order for it to drive straight and operate efficiently, the front end needs to be in alignment; both up and down and front and back.

“I feel our new mission, vision, and priorities are in line with our most Air Force senior leadership,” said Janik. “We took into account the National Defense Strategy and the current Air Force Chief of Staff’s paper titled, “Accelerate Change or Lose”. These two great, relatively short documents fully explain the ‘why’ for our purpose in the military.”

The three-day event was facilitated by Kristine Seney, Wing Process manager and analyst.

“These statements give us direction and focus us as a wing.” said Seney. “The innovation and hard work of every Airmen is instrumental in achieving our new vision.”

The changes mark the first major update to Westover’s mission, vision, and priorities since 2016.

“I would like to thank all of our strategic alignment participants for their time and contribution,” said Janik. “As we move into a new fiscal year, our priorities will assist us with our decision making when it comes to time to utilize our resources.”

The wing’s new strategic plan will be unveiled in November.