Westover EM builds All-weather ATSO training facility

  • Published
  • By W.C. Pope
  • 439th Airlift Wing

“We have here a no kidding state of the art training facility, that will give us all-weather capabilities,” said Col. Craig Peters, commander, 439th Airlift Wing speaking to a crowd of 30 people, Oct. 3. The occasion was the ribbon cutting ceremony for the all-weather bare base training ground.

Robert Perreault, Installation Emergency Manager led the ceremony to open the new “ATSO Barn” in Building 5550. The new training area was created inside what had been the Army Reserve Center until 2010, two months ago it was being used as a storage facility for billeting. “It took only a month or so to clean it out and build this.” Perreault said.

The new facility has a class room area and two combat scenario hooch’s; Viper and Cobra and a control room nicknamed Havoc. ASTO training started here on the October UTA and training for Self Aid and Buddy Care is planned to be held here in the future.

“My hats off to everyone that put an effort into this project.” Said Col. Peters.