Westover Airman captures two ALS awards

  • Published
  • By W.C.Pope
  • 439th Airlift Wing

Senior Airman Jeyline Torres-Moulier, 42nd Aerial Port Squadron, Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass., captured the Commandant Award during her Airman Leadership School held at Hanscom AFB, Mass. This award goes to the student who displays all the characteristics of a leader. Once all other factors are considered, the ALS commandant decides who receives this award.

Torres-Moulier also received the Dress and Appearance Award.

Torres-Moulier was among eleven junior enlisted Airmen completed five weeks of professional military education at Hanscom AFB and concluded with an Airman Leadership School graduation ceremony at the Minuteman Commons June 28.

The Total Force Airmen, comprised of active duty personnel, Air National Guardsmen and members of the Air Force Reserve, are now qualified to supervise junior enlisted in their respective organizations, according to school officials.

“Throughout the five-week course, students learned how each other contributes to the Air Force mission,” said Master Sgt. Ryan Dillingham, the commandant for ALS. “It is eye-opening for the students to hear how others function, as well as the diversity and experiences they share. It allows students to see leadership concepts through a Total Force lens.”

Dillingham added that the school also prepares Airmen to provide feedback to subordinates, write annual enlisted performance reports, prepare letters of counseling when appropriate and more about supervising.

During the ceremony, school officials announced the names of the four Airmen who received awards. #reserveReform #afrcReform #westoverARB #439aw