Faces of Westover - TSgt. Sharon Mekal

  • Published
  • By W.C.Pope
  • 439th Airlift Wing

Tech. Sgt. Sharon Mekal, 439th Maintenance Squadron Crew Chief, is a Chicopee native. She grew up in Willamsett and later moved to James Street, two miles from Westover.

"My father was in the Army, my sister joined the active duty Air Force and my grandfather was in the Navy," said Mekal. "At 30 years-old, I questioned what I was doing with my life.”

Mekal wanted to make a change and decided to join the Air Force.

At basic training, she was the oldest Airman in her flight. While there, she had some of the best fitness scores in her flight, beating the scores of other Airmen and her Training Instructor.

Mekal has served in every aspect of Aircraft Maintenance; to include flight line, in-shop, and the Aero Shop.

"I'm a ‘Jill’ of all trades," she said.

She's been a kindergarten teacher, director of a day care facility, a lead vocalist in a band, and a facilitator for the Green Dot Program here on base.

One of the most powerful moments in her career was after fixing a C-5 maintenance problem. As a Senior Airman, she gave the green-light to an Aircraft Commander, confirming the plane was ready to fly.

“A pilot trusted and had confidence in me,” she said. “At that moment I realized I had made a difference. I contributed to the mission.”