Faces of Westover: Staff Sgt. Marissa Day

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Max Goldberg

Staff Sgt. Marissa Day, a financial management specialist with the 439th Airlift Wing, has been at Westover since May 2018. Day also works as a civilian in the finance office here.

Day Joined the Air Force in 2011, initially as a guardsman at Pease Air National Guard Base in New Hampshire. Day said she was inspired to join by her brother, who enlisted in the Marines before her.

“I wanted to be in public service,” said Day. “I’ve always been into volunteering and helping people. Service is my domain.”

Day said her job is very rewarding and the best part is knowing she’s helping people and solving their problems.

“Sometimes I’ll get a thank you note for helping them get it resolved,” said Day. “That is what I’m happy about and will remember. You’d be surprised, I still remember the exact pay problems people had from when I first started working in finance.”

In her personal life, Day plays piano, which she has been practicing since she was seven years old. Day is also a self-proclaimed “foodie” and enjoys finding new and complicated recipes that can sometimes take her eight hours to make.

Day’s favorite Air Force memory is her recent TDY to Ramstein Air Base, Germany.  She said the trip brought the unit together and strengthened her bond with her wingmen.

“Up until that trip, we would all just go our separate ways at the end of the day,” said Day. “Working with the team in Germany brought us together and now we’re much closer.”

In the future, Day said she’d like to teach piano, learn German and achieve a PT score of 100.