Flyer’s Inn lodging rates to Increase

  • Published
  • By W.C.Pope
  • 439th Airlift Wing
Starting Jan. 1, 2019, lodging rates will increase about $10 per night, according to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force. Visiting Officer Quarters/Visiting Quarters (VQs) will be $70 per night, Visiting Airman Quarters (VAQs) will be $55, Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) will be $77, Distinguished VQs will be $79, and the Large Distinguished VQs will cost $83. At most locations these new lodging rates will be within the per diem levels for all room types. However, if the local per diem rate is below the new rates, the rate charge will be capped at the per diem lodging rates. According to Flyer’s Inn Manager, Mr. Pedro Santiago, Westover doesn’t have Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) or Large Distinguished VQs, but the base does have 212 rooms designated Visiting Officer Quarters/Visitor Quarters (VQs), 198 Visiting Airman Quarters (VAQs), and 8 Distinguished VQs. The cost per room will be increasing up to $10 per night, except for VAQs, which will increase $6. For non-UTA reservations, call (413) 557-2700 ext. 0, for UTA reservations, call (413) 557-2850.