Flu shot season approaches

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As the 2018-2019 influenza vaccination campaign approaches, senior leadership reminds all members that the suspense for vaccination is Dec. 15.

Dates and locations of shot lines will soon be announced.

As a reminder, vaccinations may be administered by a civilian provider, but complete documentation must be provided to the 439th Aerospace Medicine Squadron. It is highly recommended that members maintain a copy for their records as well. Acceptable documentation requires several pieces of information:

- Member's first and last name and last 4 of SSN.
- The LOT NUMBER of the vaccine.
- The date, location and by whom the vaccination was administered.

Members who feel they have a legitimate reason preventing them from receiving a vaccination, should seek a review with an AMDS provider in the clinic before the suspense date. This cannot be addressed at mass vaccine administration lines.

Airmen with additional questions should contact Capt. Chelsie Hatfield, OIC Immunizations, at (413) 557-2661.