Westover communicates through various mediums

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  • 439th AW Public Affairs

Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families can monitor the following mediums for information at Westover:

-- E-Patriot. The most popular and longest-lasting communication avenue for the wing's senior leadership, the e-Patriot is published electronically and is made available on this web site quarterly. Simply scroll to the PATRIOT area on this site.

-- Facebook. The Westover Facebook page, which had more than 21,000 likes by late March 2018, consists of broadcasts from the Westover News Network, the quarterly e-Patriot, and much more. Link: www.facebook.com/westover.patriot

-- This web site contains a massive archive of Patriot newsletters spanning all the way back to the early 1970s, when the Air Force Reserve took over operations of the base from the Strategic Air Command.

-- YouTube: www.YouTube.com/439westover

-- Public affairs is also developing an app which will include some of these mediums.

For more information on these mediums, email PA at 439aw.pa@us.af.mil