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10 Fast Facts about Westover

1. Westover's economic impact was $198 million in 2016, but that number doesn’t include the base’s 28 Army, Marine, and other tenants.

2. About 650 civilians, 2,500 military, 250 contractors, and 1,680 in tenants – totaling 5,080 people – work at Westover.

3. Westover is a vital inspection center for the nation’s entire fleet of C-5s - the only one in the Air Force Reserve Command.

4. Situated on 2,511 acres, Westover is the largest reserve base in the nation by land mass and serves as a FEMA staging base.

5. Due to the 2015 budget cuts, Westover lost eight of its 16 C-5Bs, and 59 full-time and 275 part-time positions.

6. Starting in 2017, eight upgraded C-5Ms will return to Westover with new, quieter, fuel-efficient engines -- a $720 million investment.

7. In 2016, Westover crews delivered three fire trucks weighing 48 tons to Nicaragua -- one of dozens of humanitarian relief flights.

8. Westover air controllers handled more than 21,000 military and civilian aircraft landings and departures in fiscal year 2016.

9. From Sept. 11, 2001 through Sept. 30, 2016, Westover aircrews flew 86,881 hours and transported 244,656 tons of cargo.

10. Westover is about one hour closer to NATO countries in Europe than the next nearest logistics base. This holds high strategic value.

Bonus facts: Westover strives to be a good neighbor. In 2013, we hosted 200+ personnel and 12 F-15s. The base also hosts training for civilian firefighters from 45 communities and hosts the Springfield Police Academy and routinely responds to mutual aid fire and explosives ordnance disposal (EOD) calls.

Current as of Feb. 14, 2017