Westover ARB Fast Facts

1. Westover's economic impact for FY 2020 was $301 million, but that number doesn’t include the base’s 28 Army, Marine, and other tenant organizations.

2. Westover employs a total force of 2,493.
1,660 Traditional Reservists
335 Air Reserve Technicians
371 civilian employees
108 Active Guard Reserve
19 Contractors

3. Westover is a vital inspection center for the nation’s entire fleet of 52 C-5Ms - one of two in the entire Air Force, the other being at Dover AFB, Del.

4. Situated on 2,511 acres, Westover is the largest reserve base in the nation by land mass and serves as a FEMA staging base.

5. In 2017, Westover received its final eighth newly upgraded C-5Ms with newer, quieter, and more fuel-efficient engines -- a $720 million investment, extending the service life of the C-5 until 2040 and beyond.

6. Aircrews and aircraft from Westover routinely deliver fire trucks and other donated equipment to Central American countries through the DENTON Agreement program.

7. Westover air controllers handle more than 21,000 military and civilian aircraft landings and departures in a single year.

8. In a 15 year period, Westover aircrews flew 86,881 hours and transported 244,656 tons of cargo.

9. Westover is about one hour closer to NATO countries in Europe than the next nearest logistics base, giving Westover high strategic value.

10. The base  hosts training for civilian firefighters from 45 communities and hosts the Springfield Police Academy and routinely responds to mutual aid fire and explosives ordnance disposal (EOD) calls. The new indoor firing range will also be open to local law enforcement.

11. These are a few of the Worldwide Military and Humanitarian Missions Westover has participated in:
2012: Operation ENDURING FREEDOM at Diego Garcia
2012: Hurricane Sandy Relief
2013: Airlift Patriot anti-missile batteries to Turkey
2014: Flights to Afghanistan AOR
2015: Nicaragua humanitarian mission
2016: Honduras & Guatemala humanitarian missions
2017: Hurricane Irma & Maria relief
2020: California Wildfire support
2020: COVID-19 medical support

(Current as of June 28, 2021)