Revamping Rising Six

WESTOVER AIR RESERVE BASE -- The Rising Six, a military council for enlisted members E-1 through E-6, has gone through a series of positive changes in the past few months. To help sustain the improvements and momentum, the Rising 6 has organized upcoming events like Paint Nite (March 31), Bounce Trampoline Sports (April 1), Color Run , and Paintball Fun. The events are free for the first Active Duty and Reserve members who sign up, and extended to military dependents if slots are not filled in a timely manner. “We want these events to include everyone, but first we want to open the doors to our single airmen looking for fun things to do on the drill weekend,” said Tech. Sgt. Kevin Pechi, Rising Six vice president. The Rising Six sought input from the wing with a recent survey to discover information that could help the council help military members here on base. The survey, begun during the March UTA, raised effective discourse among Westover troops and will hopefully improve Wing communication by asking questions like, “How do you prefer to receive information from the Wing?” and “What kind of information would you like to receive from the Wing?” Access to communication was a recurring issue throughout the base, whether it’s troops finding out they are due for a physical training test at the last minute or individuals just not being as knowledgeable about UTA weekends as much as they would like. The surveys are due by the May UTA.