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Westover Express temporarily modifys Mon/Tues hours

WESTOVER AIR RESERVE BASE, Mass. -- Due to staffing limitations, the Express will temporarily modify our Monday and Tuesday hours of operation, as follows: TEMPORARY NORMAL MON 1000-1700 0800-1700 TUE 1000-1700 0800-1700 WED 0800-1800 0800-1700 THU 0800-1800 0800-1700 FRI 0800-1800 0800-1700 SAT 1000-1700 (Non AF UTA) 1000-1700 (Non AF UTA) SUN 1000-1700 (non AF UTA) 1000-1700 (Non AF UTA) This change will also apply to Subway. As soon as these staffing issues are resolved, we will be returning to normal hours of operation. For further information contact Mr. William Lodge, AAFES Westover Express Manager at 413-593-3288 or Lodge@aafes.com