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On Dec. 20, 2013, Col. Steven Vautrain, 439th AW Commander, officially became Brig. Gen. Vautrain.

Brig. Gen. Vautrain has been Wing Commander at Westover since August 2011. Wing commander bids farewel l to Patriot Wing
Men and women of the Patriot Wing, the time has come for Katie and I to move on to the next adventure in our lives.The last three years at Westover have been the highlight of my 31-year career. I have never worked with such a professional, hard-working, group of people. You have held together as a team through hurricanes, snowstorms, deployments,
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439th Airlift Wing Commander Patriot Wing faces a year of change in 2014
2014 has been a year of change for the Patriot Wing. We have changed command chiefs, we are changing vice commanders, and more than likely we will be changing commanders later this year.We recently received confirmation that NMCB-27 (the Navy Seabees) will leave Westover for Mississippi in October; most of them are already gone. All of this, on top
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Col. Jeffrey Hancock gets "hosed" by his wife, Debbie, after his fini flight and landing at Westover, May 19, 2014. (US Air Force photo/MSgt. Andrew Biscoe) lt’s been the opportunity of a lifetime
It's difficult to summarize in a single sentence all the opportunities that the Air Force and Air Force Reserve have given me over my 30-year career. I've watched this wing grow to become the best in AFRC, bar none. The accolades that this group has won are truly amazing. They are a testament to the hard work across all units.When the Secretary of
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Command Chief Master Sgt (E-9) Wing springs into new challenges
It was a Tuesday morning, and I was at work. As a civilian here, I'm chief of operations for the 439th Communications Squadron. An email came across my screen from Brig. Gen. Steven Vautrain, which read, "...can you come to my office at 1500 today?"I quickly replied, "Yes, General," then my mind began to spin.I thought someone's done something
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439th Airlift Wing Commander Spring fever doesn’t mean losing your self-discipline
Spring fever must be in the air. The snow is melting, the birds are returning, the squirrels are out, and self-discipline seems to be slipping. The Patriot Wing is the best wing in the Air Force, but it seems that every spring we must be reminded that we are responsible for our own actions. Speeding, illegal parking, and moving violations all seem
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439th Airlift Wing Command Chief, CMSgt. Michael Thorpe, laughs with his family during the kick-off breakfast for the 2012 Great New England Air Show. (U.S. Air Force photo/SSgt. Kelly Goonan) Farewell to the Patriot Wing
It has been an incredible journey. It began on the December A UTA in 1988 when a young airman basic drove through the gates of Westover to begin a career that would provide him many life lessons -- two of the most important being a sense of duty and loyalty.I have cultivated friendships that will last my lifetime. In 1988, my goal was to be
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On Dec. 20, 2013, Col. Steven Vautrain, 439th AW Commander, officially became Brig. Gen. Vautrain.

Brig. Gen. Vautrain has been Wing Commander at Westover since August 2011. Perspective from 38,000 feet
I wrote this article aboard a C-5 on the way back from the AOR on my first downrange mission as a brigadier general. While cruising at 38,000 feet over Eastern Europe I had the opportunity to reflect on some thoughts I had while watching the offload and onload of our aircraft.It was the middle of the night, but the airfield was busy, and loud.
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The Galaxies aligned on a Westover runway, to make room for Air Show aircraft this past August. The 2012 Great New England Air Show was the largest Westover has had since 1974, boasting more than 60 aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA. Kelly Galloway) You guys rock
Two-thousand thirteen was a hard year for the Patriot Wing, but we pulled together and overcame every obstacle. The furloughs, the government shutdown, and reduced funding did not hold you back from being Leaders in Excellence.The outstanding performance of the wing was recognized by the Reserve Command many times during the past year. We garnered
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Default Air Force Logo Follow through on fitness for your new year’s resolution
If you're like most, you've probably already made a few resolutions for this upcoming year. And, one of those resolutions is probably to lose a few of those pounds you may gain over the holidays, or maybe it's to get over a 90 on your next Air Force fitness test. Well, one of my resolutions is to help you get there. So, I thought I would share some
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Trainee Jessica George, Trainee Galloway and Trainee Landsaw shimmy across a rope over a pool of water during the obstacle course during basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas. (Courtesy photo) Career on the Line
"ARE YOU STARING AT ME? YOU WANT TO FIGHT? SHUT UP AND STAND STRAIGHT! YOU ARE TOO SLOW! HURRY UP!" Basic training's rigidness threw me out of any comfort zones I'd previously known. Upon arrival, I entered a frightening world surrounded by strangers. Every miniscule moved prompted a crisp, navy blue, round hat to appear. Underneath was a tank of a
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