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  • 25 years of aiming high to be funny

    For over 25 years retired Master Sgt. W.C. Pope has been making them laugh in the Air Force Reserve Command.
  • Be Ready!

    Many people may not be aware of what a command chief’s responsibilities are. Here’s my opportunity to give you my vision and a few of my moving-forward priorities. Although not all-inclusive, I am responsible for leading the enlisted force, advising our commander on matters impacting the enlisted force, and making sure the commander’s priorities
  • Three points to the Patriot Wing

    WESTOVER AIR RESERVE BASE, Mass. -- As we begin our journey together, I want you to know that my family and I were extremely impressed by the warm welcomes and awesome show of force during the change of command ceremony on Sunday of the June UTA. Stepping into this role is a responsibility that I take seriously. Commander of the Patriot Wing is
  • It’s not a parenting “style” – It’s knowledge

    During the past five years, I’ve made several bloody trips to the emergency room. As the mom of three young kids, blood and tears just seem to come with the territory. My oldest is only five-years-old and has already gotten staples, stiches, and glue adhesives to close wounds on his head. I’m definitely not a, “helicopter mom.” However, when it
  • Political season do's and don't's for Reservists

    With the presidential election upon us, everyone is encouraged to vote – including those in the military. “The Department of Defense has a longstanding policy of encouraging DoD personnel to carry out the obligations of citizenship,” according to DoD officials. However, civil servants and military members are held to a high standard and can’t
  • Chief's View: Own Your Career; Own Your Path

    I believe it is absolutely critical for you to know what I value as your chief and what we are doing at the headquarters to help our Airmen succeed. My job is to provide you the tools, training and support you need to have a successful Air Force career, but to do that, you need to be proactive and own your own path. I want to take this opportunity
  • Yellow Ribbon attendee cites value of conference

    I recently attended a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program conference held in Orlando, Fla., with my wife, DeAnne. This conference helped Airman who are deploying -- and their families – on how to manage life while the deployed member is gone.Since I work in Air Force public affairs, I’d already attended two of these events, but was with the group
  • The Wounds Within: a Veteran, a PTSD Therapist, and a Nation Unprepared

    I wish the story didn’t sound so familiar. On June 22, 2004, Marine Lance Cpl. Jeff Lucey used a hose to hang himself in the basement of his house in Belchertown, Mass. Surrounding him lay a semi-circle of photographs. In the center was Jeff Lucey’s platoon group photo from his deployment to Iraq.One year earlier, as a Marine Reserve truck driver
  • Who goes to War?

    In April, I deployed to central Kabul, Afghanistan. The conditions at International Security Assistance Force headquarters varied between friendly and toxic.  Two 107 millimeter rockets exploded near us in our first few hours on the ground.  Many of us got sick because of bad bottled water - the kind we buy because it's supposed to be safe. 
  • Do it right every time

    I would like to thank all the members of the Patriot Wing for the warmest welcome.The change of command was incredible and my family and friends were overwhelmed. It was awesome to look out over the formation of incredible Airmen and see that C-5 with the beautiful blue sky in the background. As I said on Sunday, I believe that family comes first.